Thursday, December 30, 2010

Can we get much higher So high

Top;Westlife (because I'm cool xD)
Necklaces- DIY apart from locket
Amythest ring; Ebay-Vintage
Cream oval ring; Matalan
Bag; Primark

Sitting on my bed listening to Kanye West seems to be the cool thing to do know after watching the inbetweeners oh yeah and watching the inbetweeners was what I did whilst eating my lunch which was what I did after setting fire (yes setting fire) to a piece of kitchen towel which seemed to have caught fire from the hob when I was cooking my pasta for my dinner the kitchen role was obviously placed too close to it. I'll hold my hands up it was me but the thing is there's no one to blame I'm still debating whether I should tell my mam- I didn't get hurt and neither did her kitchen I think it's my Dad who would go slightly crazy... Maybe I'll just keep it to myself :) Oh and guess what came in the post today... Sex and the City 2 I was expecting the box set to come with my XX CD turns out the film came which was the thing I was least bothered about, I suppose I should be grateful that the slow anything but royal  Royal Mail have got their act together in getting some things posted out quicker.

Oh and I'd really like to thank all of my new followers were so close to 100 now (Yes I am rather happy and excited about this) Oh and all of those people to leave a comment as they stop by. Thank you!

Rebecca x

PS My previous post shows what I got for Christmas I didn't want it to seem as though I was bragging so I'm posting this after it to cover it up feel free to comment on either post!

Christmas Gifts

Ok I feel like I'm bragging a little but I did say I'd share what I got for Christmas with you so to cover up my bragging I've done an outfit post to publish after this feel free to comment :)
Oh and sorry for yellow-ness of the pictures I should have edited them but once again my laziness got the better of me  I decided to edit them it seemed the best way I'm pretty happy with the outcome the pictures aren't AS yellow as they previously were

1. Yoga Mat and Yoga for the Wii
2. Jewellery Hand
8. CD's
10.Make-up, Coat Hangers, Umbrella
11. Lee Stafford
12.Ted Baker smellies
14. Boots
15. David Beckham Calender Tottenham Teddy and Tatty Teddy
16. deodorants, facial wipes etc
17. Things to hang on the wall

Oh and a late present came today a Gok Wan Autobiography and a large diary thing rather similar to my Filofax I spent £22 on the other day... not so impressed -.-

Rebecca x

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh give me to the rambling man let it always be known I was who I am

Loafers; Primark
Cardigan; Tesco
Rings-Sil ver; Daisy Stackers other;Primark
I'm currently sitting listening to Laura Marling and feeling awfully cold with my three quarter sleeves and chilly legs-yes through woolly tights!
Yesterday I took the time to change my blog not much I changed the template so that meant I  changed the colours and was able to change colours of things I couldn't before with my old template so by changing it I'm able to have outlines around pictures and stuff blah blah blah. I'm sure you get what it is that I'm rambling on about.
Yesterday I sat and watched the whole of series 1 of The Inbetweeners which is actually hilarious I'd recommend it to those who haven't seen it I only caught on with it on series 3 which of course was the last series but luckily it's on 4od so check it out here all three series are available to watch.
I'm currently having a go at making a new header for the blog including an image but I'm not so sure yet if I'll use a new one.

Have a nice day/evening wherever you may be :-)
Rebecca x

PS enter Becky May's giveaway for 500 followers she's got a gorgeous vintage style and her blog is truely fabulous!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All taken from Tumblr-Arctic Monkeys-Google images
Turns out when you search tumblr for a while you get some great pictures today I've just been sitting with my laptop on my lap listening to the Arctic Monkeys and Biffy Clyro. Oh and I'm hoping that the animated picture from 500 days of summer continues to move as you look at this post I don't seem to be having much look with that or the first one of Alexa Chung- Unlucky me. If you want to see the 5oo days of summer animation then look here oh and as you can see Lee Stafford retweeted my tweet- I was one very happy girl! ♥
 Enjoy your day
Rebecca x

Monday, December 27, 2010

What I bought in the sales+outfit

Trousers;H&M Top;Matalan Cardigan; Tesco Bag,Loafers,belt;Primark Rings;Matalan and Daisy stackers Watch;DKNY

I got some great stuff today put it this way I'm just about spent up I'd even continued to shop when I got home because HMV didn't have the sex and the city box set in store I had to buy it online along withe the XX's CD and I've been searching itunes for some other music to get with my itunes card that I bought which as you can see has The Beatles on it- amazing.
As I hit the sales today I was ready to go into boots' and buy some perfumes the ones I wanted were no longer there they were all sold so I grabbed Kate Moss (about £10) and Guess (about £13) The prices were great. In H&M I got the trousers and denim dress the dress was only £10 and the trousers were £15 the top at the bottom was £10 in NewLook (not in the sale) I also bought a Filofax for even more of an organised lifestyle and then when we got back home we popped into Clintons where I got a new mug- with my name one. Yey :D And as you can see I bought some CD's, hairpins and lip balm so now it's about saving up.

Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas have any of you been hitting the sales?

Rebecca x

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

Dress; Lipsy bought from-TLC shoes;H&M Nail Polish;OPI- Sahara Sapphire earrings; My Mams Bracelet; A Christmas Present
 I hope you all had a good day I'll post some pictures soon of what I got today I'm putting everything on my Laptop (Christmas present) from my desktop computer so I'm importing all of my news CD's on too my desktop now on itunes then putting everything I need on my memory stick and loading it on my laptop and hopefully sorting out my ipod which I believe is dying. Then I'll be making a list of things that I'd like from the sales so I'm ready to buy them tomorrow when me and my Mam are going to the metro- as plans stand so far were going shopping :)

Hope you all had a great day and got everything you wanted!
Rebecca x