Tuesday, July 08, 2014

My mistakes lit like embers on your tongue

Top;Tesco Jeans;Topshop Sandals;Dune Watch;Fossil 

I finished my A-Levels last month since then I've been working here and there and going out with friends. It's nice to have time to actually make plans now and have some fun, especially before going to university, which is scary thinking about, so much is going to change come September but it should be exciting to meet new people and do something different.

 Boy am I relieved I'm done with college now, it was two very tough, stressful, tearful years and I would highly recommend you consider different courses before rushing to A-Levels and make sure you select the right courses for you because I had a nightmare at college and really regret what I chose to do. 

On a happier note at the minute I cannot stop listening to George Ezra's album, it's fantastic! Oh and if you haven't seen The Fault In Our Stars yet you should go! The movie is better than the book but I'm bias because I didn't like the book so much but the movie is a little better. 


  1. Congratulations on finishing your A-levels, I did
    so too in June and I also think that it is scary to think about going to
    university, but I am sure it will be fine there. ;)

    And your outfit is amazing, I love your floral top and
    that bracelet is really cute. :)


  2. I just love this top! It's perfect for summer. Your style is simply perfect, I love it.



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