Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Meet me there, with bundles of flowers, We'll wade through the hours of cold

 Top; H&M Joni Jeans;Topshop Shoes;Office Necklace;Gift Watch;Vintage

If you follow me on Twitter you'll be aware I haven't been well at all, doctors and nurses are trying to get to the bottom of it but it's an on going process that doesn't seem to have an end at the minute. 

On a happier note, I bought this top in H&M as a little treat considering the amount of birthday presents I've had to buy for people this month, I'm in need of a big shopping trip, I'll wait till I get my A-Levels results next week and use shopping as a way of either celebrating or to cheer myself up haha!  

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  1. I really really love your rings - they are so delicate and pretty. Your hair looks so gorgeous against the colours in your top too xx



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