Thursday, September 04, 2014

Dust on the Ground

This past month has been a great one! I got into university (even though I'm indecisive about going, eek!), treating myself a few too many times, constantly listening to Rae Morris, getting tickets to see Bombay Bicycle Club and going out with friends to celebrate birthdays. It's been a great way to spend the summer. 

This next week I'm planning on having a send off with friends and having some family time before moving to university, although I'm not far away from home at all it's still going to be sad to leave everyone and not see them as much! 

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  1. awww congrats on getting into uni! I know I don't know anything about your situation, but I would say go for it! You may well love it, and it does sound like the perfect course for you, and who knows what that could lead to. Going to uni was the best thing I did tbh! xo


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