Thursday, July 31, 2014

Whenever, Wherever

I always like listening to new albums and have artists recommended to me, so why nor make a playlist to share with you all and share what I'm listening to right now.

Ben Howard- Every Kingdom
Favourite song: Only Love
One of my favourite albums, great all year round but it's the album that makes the summer; long journeys to see friends or if you're having drinks this album suits any occasion. Although I adore this album my favourite songs are the additional tracks on Ben Howard's EP's, it's the darker side to his music but it's truly my favourite of his work. 

Bombay Bicycle Club- So Long See You Tomorrow 
Favourite song: Feel and Luna
The bands best album yet and it was well worth the three year wait! I've loved the band for so long and after repeatedly watching their Glastonbury performance I was mesmerised and fell for the band even more. A side note, Rae Morris who does the vocals on the track Luna has such an amazing voice and I'm constantly listening to her EP's at the minute, definitely worth listening to her stuff! 

George Ezra- Wanted On Voyage
Favourite song: Did You Hear The Rain?
I was told about George Ezra quite a while ago by a friend, I immediately downloaded his EP which I had on repeat for ages, I patiently awaited the release of his album and it didn't disappoint. His performances at festivals were fantastic (I only wish I was there to have seen him live) 

Haim- Days Are Gone
Favourite song: My Song 5 
I'm normally not a big fan of female artists but these girls have more sass than you can imagine! They are by far some of the most talented sisters out there, flawless vocals and they have so much energy on stage. Such an amazing catchy album and it's far from anything else I normally listen to.

Nick Mulvey- First Mind
Favourite song: Nitrous
I heard about Nick Mulvey when scrolling through SoundCloud (this website is a godsend for discovering new artists.) Cucurucu was on repeat for so long before I heard him on Radio 2 chatting about his music and about himself, it's refreshing that he's so down to earth which really comes through in his beautiful album. 

Paolo Nutini- Caustic Love
Favourite song: Iron Sky 
I've always been a fan of Paolo Nutini so I was fairly excited when he released his new album. Caustic Love is his best album yet, it's a different sound to his other two albums yet I love it. 


Monday, July 21, 2014

You say I'm crazy cause you don't think I know what you've done

Top;H&M Jeans;Topshop Jacket;Matalan Shoes;Office 

I love these shoes, I've wanted them for ages but they were sold out online and in the Office stores near me, luckily by chance when I was on eBay I came across them in my size on the Office clearance page, they were more than half price because there is some discolouration on them since they were on display in store. For £17 I can't complain, it's better than paying full when you're a poor student like me haha! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

You're a layer on my clothes made of ivy and gold

New shoes/ Picnic by the river/ Picnic outfit/ Wearing something other than jeans/ Elle/ Durham/ Drinks in Durham with friends/ Lemon Drizzle Cake/ Vogue 

So far July has been a fairly good month, drinks with friends and having a laugh has been the loveliest part of the month along with reading magazines buying new shoes and baking. To keep up with everything else I do you can follow me on Instagram @rebeccathompson__ 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I sit and pine for wasted time, my feet were strong, my head was numb

 Top;River Island Skirt;H&M Shoes;Office Watch;Fossil

Yesterday I wore this colourful combination to go on a picnic with a friend, it was lovely to make the most of the weather and sit by the river and relax for a while and have a catch up. I've also rediscovered these shoes from office, I forgot how comfortable they are and easy to just through on with something.
I'm also successfully staying away from wearing black jeans when the sun is out, I'm wearing my dresses more often and Levi shorts which I missed so much. My heart is still with my black jeans but the rest of my wardrobe is going to waste haha

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

My mistakes lit like embers on your tongue

Top;Tesco Jeans;Topshop Sandals;Dune Watch;Fossil 

I finished my A-Levels last month since then I've been working here and there and going out with friends. It's nice to have time to actually make plans now and have some fun, especially before going to university, which is scary thinking about, so much is going to change come September but it should be exciting to meet new people and do something different.

 Boy am I relieved I'm done with college now, it was two very tough, stressful, tearful years and I would highly recommend you consider different courses before rushing to A-Levels and make sure you select the right courses for you because I had a nightmare at college and really regret what I chose to do. 

On a happier note at the minute I cannot stop listening to George Ezra's album, it's fantastic! Oh and if you haven't seen The Fault In Our Stars yet you should go! The movie is better than the book but I'm bias because I didn't like the book so much but the movie is a little better. 
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