Monday, June 01, 2015

Smoking Pixels

Since it's now June I think it's okay to start stocking our wardrobes up for summer (even if it is still raining).
My favourite place to shop is without a doubt Topshop but you don't always get much for your money. Recently I've been a bit of a Primark snob and I turn my nose up at the thought of of rummaging through the rails because it gives me a headache. The new Primark website takes that pain away, now we can see whats in store it's a little more encouraging because you know there's something worth looking for and there's a bargain to be found. 

The website shows new arrivals to the store, so you know you have to get there fast before they're gone, I've picked my favourites from the website as a little (or large) wishlist. This summer I'm going to bare my legs and to have the confidence to do that I need some pretty skirts and dresses. Right now I'm a big fan of culottes so to see Primark have some summery colours in at low prices is great but I need some tops to go with them of course and since the prices are so reasonable I'll be stocking up. Since the prices are so low it means I can have some money spare for some new shoes and jewellery (the two things I probably could do without). 

What are you wishing for, for the summer? 

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