Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lemonade Lake

I'm constantly looking for inspiration so I can give my clothes new life and a new way to style them, my love for the band Jungle has lead me to watching countless performances on Youtube and not only is their music ah-may-zing, but the band are so stylish! (I'm not obsess or anything, promise!)  Rudi Salmon one of the bands vocalists always looks awesome! I have been so inspired by her style I went over to Polyvore to recreate some of her looks and style some inspired by her. This summer I'll be ditching the uncomfortable sandals for trainers to make my outfits just that extra bit cool and my love for culottes will continue to grow by the looks of it!

For anyone wanting extra Rudi Salmon her Instagram is super cool and well worth a peak @ruruusal  

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