Tuesday, March 01, 2016


I went to New York in February for a week with university, most of my posts are on Instagram with a few others I've not posted here. Of course we happened to go during the coldest week of the year where it got down to -17 degrees one day, no matter how many thermals you wear it will not help when it's that cold! We had a lovely time, ate some amazing food and seen some incredible things! 
We stayed at The Row hotel in Times Square so everything was within walking distance or a short subway ride away. 

The best thing for me were the museums, I don't get a chance to go to many exhibitions because of the cost to get to London so we made the most of being there and seen some amazing fashion exhibitions (I'll do a separate post on those.) I would recommend going when it's warmer though, since everything is a walk away and most of the things to see are outside the cold definitely stop you from doing as much as you'd like too. 
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