Friday, August 12, 2016


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If you follow me on Instagram and see my daily outfits you'll know the only place I shop is Topshop. I can go in and instantly know if something is for me and if it will fit me and I know exactly what size I need when I walk in. Admittedly I also buy items I love in every colour it comes in especially trousers and tops that are easy to wear for work and are comfortable above all else. My nearest Topshop doesn't always have the newest stuff in so I have to travel into town to have more choice so I always like to look online and order what stores don't stock.

I love Topshops tailored pieces, very comfortable and easy to style smart for work, casual and for nights out and the block colours are also easy to match up with just about anything. It's clear I'm not a person that goes for patterns, I prefer things that are blocks of colour or with a stripe which makes everything a lot easier to style.

One of my favourites here are the pleated trousers, I have them in so many colours already and they are the most comfortable thing to wear, the darker shades are going to be perfect for autumn/ winter and still just as easy to style as the pastel tones. I can't wait to buy some of the new things in store and style them coming up to the colder months and add layers especially with the duster coats which are perfect for those in-between days.
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